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M.A.S.S. - Mancraft Air Stock Support - stock for M4.

It can accommodate 13ci (0,21l) HP tank and the regulator (Mancraft regulators fits, Wolverine reg will fit as well, Redline, nijna - the same thing - they all should fit and not be visible too much.
MASS with Mancraft HRR:

Material: Aluminium, Anodized black.

 At the back: hole for small manometer. 

Stock itself working also like Tournament lock.

5 places to put QD sling 

Itself it weights around 400g (0,4kg / 0,9lb)

Stock itself can be mounted on any kind of rifle where you are able to connect standard M4 stock (also using adapters, for example for AK/G36 etc)

Set includes: 
- M.A.S.S mk1, M4 stock
- set of screws
- CNC machined connector for the HP tank
- high pressure hose (with working pressure over 1300PSI (HP tanks have ~850PSI at output))
- two types of connectors for the regulator (1/8"NPT and connector for regulators that usually are screwed on the HP tank (warning! They are pre-assembled)

assembly guide:

WARNING! bottles with the condensed high pressure reducer does not fit into the stock! These HP tanks usally have a gauge opposite to the fill nipple. In doubts: you can always ask :).


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