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Product ID: MC0160

399,00 PLN

Inline micro regulator - regulator designed to use with your main HP tank and 3 way splitter to run your HPA pistol at lower pressure!

One regulator, infinite secondaries Inline micro regulator - regulator designed to use with your main regulator, HP tank and 3 way splitter to run your HPA/Green Gas pistol at lower pressure!

This small piece of tech will allow you to run your pistol and your main weapon at the same time, from the same tank but at different pressure. This solution allows you to use one tank and one main regulator to safely run a secondary weapon at any pressure.
The device is tiny and simple to use.

Connect 3-way splitter between main gun and HP tank regulator, then connect micro regulator in line with splitter and your secondary.
Splitter is not included! Check Accessories  page for it.

You can set pressure turning little knob on micro regulator. It works regardless of pressure set on main regulator. Remember that you can turn your GBB pistol into HPA using our pistol lanyard or micro HPA line avaliable with many inputs and outputs.


Availabe at many inputs and outputs.


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