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If youre one of people that just simply dont like idea of HP tank, hose etc but still want HP system in your rifle then MCS is for you! Mancraft Co2 Stock is simply solution that will allow you do exactly that. 

MCS is designed the way that will will work with most of airsoft m4 stocks & rifles where you can put M4 style stock (both with TM spec M4 series AEG receives and AEG receivers that accept 1-3/16"-16 threaded buffer tubes)

Integrated Micro HRR regulatorThis regulator has an output pressure range of 40-230psi which is easily adjusted using a knob at the top of the stock. 

with MCS you have ability to use either traditional 12g CO2 cartridges or the 33g  sized cartridges.

As in our U shape expansion chamber, here you can aswell find:
6x integral expansion chamber
2x anti siphon system
1x micro dirt & liquid filter. 
1x fast co2 bulb exchange cap

The MCS can be used with any of the Mancraft  conversion kits such as the PDiK Gen1., PDiK Gen.2 PDiK, Gen.3 and it can also be used with other similar HPA cylinder systems on the market. 

This system is available with two different output configurations depending on the design of the rifle you wish to convert.  1-3/16"-16 threaded buffer or TM Spec M4 series AEG receives


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