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Mancraft HPA Airsoft PDiK V2 gen2
  • Mancraft HPA Airsoft PDiK V2 gen2
  • Mancraft HPA Airsoft PDiK V2 gen2
  • Mancraft HPA Airsoft PDiK V2 gen2
  • Mancraft HPA Airsoft PDiK V2 gen2
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PDiK V2 gen2


For units with gearbox shell - PRE-ORDER! Shipment in about 2-3 weeks (end of November 2021).

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Pure mechanical/HP product?

Maybe something that will allow you to have pretty cheap DMR?
Not allowed to have full auto mode?

PDIK - Pneumatic Drop in Kit standard- a set of components which allows converting a AEG rifle into gas-powered rifle. It is cheap and very effective method of upgrade.

New generation of the PDiK! PDiK Gen2! This one will have many new features and many cool features!

Short list:

Close bolt: it shoot first, then wait to make sure shot is perfect, and reload!

Adjustable nozzle: you can regulate your nozzle to the exact setup you need. You will be able to regulate it +/- 1,5mm and nozzle by itself will come in few demensions!We find this verry usefull in custom builds when you have so many hop up unit and buckings...

Just one spring: and it's in trigger valve. Whole thing is pneumatically operated

Available in stand alone version without gearbox: that means you will be able to use your own one gearbox shell that's designed for your exact rifle.

Available in version with gearbox shell: for ones that are unfortunate to have these thick gearboxes that have too much material in

Shotr trigger pull: quick shot reaction!

Conversion kit was developed with the aim of sniper rifles - where is the need for long range and precision shot.

PDiK works in semi-auto mode. This is the only available mode in conversion kit.

The conversion is largely adapted to the needs of the sniper. Since it is possible here to get quite high fps - auto mode does not occur.

When using the appropriate regulator, it is possible to obtain a very stable, high fps. Power is adjusted by the regulator. Operational pressure is in the range 7-16bar.

No electronics (resistance to weather conditions) 
No batteries 
Precision of the FPS
No full auto mode - no worries about mad people with full auto;) 
Adjustable FPS
Immediate response to the trigger
- Adjustable nozzle length


Set includes: 
- PDiK gen2
- About 1.2m supply hose (fi 6mm)


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