U shape expanion chamber

U shape expanion chamber

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Mancraft U-Shape Chamber

U-shape is the expansion chamber for CO2 capsules. Cardriges contains liquid CO2 and this device allows it to expand into different chambers through special siphons stopping liquid from getting into the regulator. It affects work of the regulator making a consistensy of shots higher. Anti-dust, anti-oil and anti-moisture filter is installed in the middle of the device preventing malfunction of the regulator.

Mancraft U-Shape is designed for Mancraft HRR Regulator and can be used with other regulators in Paintball standard (1/2" thread). It works with standard 12g CO2 capsules used commonly in ASG and Air-Guns and larger 33g CO2 capsules.

U-shape can be installed on the RIS rail, place inside the stock, cheeck pad or a small pouch.


The box contains:

  • U-shape chamber with 12g adaptor pre-installed
  • Plugs for 12g basket:
    - Flat back-end for 12g adaptor basket
    - High-grip extended back-end for 12g adaptor basket
  • Green Loctite sealant to fix one of the plugs
  • Adaptor for 33g CO2 capsules


Before use please choose one of the back ends for the 12g CO2 adaptor basket. Both of them have steel slot for size 5 allen key. To install, put green Loctite on both sides of the thread (inner and outer) and screw it in (right-turn thread). Leave it for 10 min to harden. 


To install your regulator you have to unscrew 12g basket first.

Connect HRR with the U-shape by aligning thread of the regulator with the thread on U-Shape and turn it clockwise until it's set. To prevent the thread from wearout use grease. For maintenance of HRR read a separate manual: https://shop-mancraft.com/instructions/HRR-manual.pdf

The Regulator part is designed to rotate while staying sealed. It allows you to install and rotate the regulator all the way around. To change position of the regulator you have to loose two 3mm allen key screws on both sides (turn them counter-clockwise), rotate the regulator and fix in place by tighten the screws (turn them clockwise).


The Mancraft U-shape chamber is designed for low maintenance. Don't leave the CO2 capsules inside for too long, CO2 is corrosive for sealant and o-rings.

Two m5 allen screws on both sides of the U-Shape and 1/8" screw on top are sealing plugs, don't remove them!

To change the 12g CO2 into 33g CO2 adaptor:

  • Unscrew the 12g Adaptor Head turning it counter-clockwise (use pliers if needed)
  • Grease the thread on the 33g Adaptor Part
  • Screw the 33g Adaptor Head into the same place until you the resistance

Piercing the capsule

Mancraft CO2 adaptors are made to pierce the capsule and seal them at the same time. To pierce the capsule properly and not loose CO2 follow the instructions:

  • Use oil or grease on the Adaptor Head and the Basket threads
  • Check condition of the Adaptor Head seal (flat brown seal on the Needle)
  • Put a 12g capsule inside the Basket
  • Install the Basket with a capsule by turning it clockwise until you feel a little resistance (it means a capsule meet the Needle)
  • Strongly grab the Main Body in one hand and Basket in the other (or an allen key) and make one dynamic half a turn (clockwise) to pierce and seal the capsule

Follow the same instructions with the 33g CO2 capsule

If you have a maintenance problems with your U-Shape please contact us.