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Mancraft MMR Regulator z przodu
  • Mancraft MMR Regulator z przodu
  • Mancraft MMR Regulator z boku
  • Mancraft MMR Regulator z boku
  • Mancraft MMR Regulator
  • Mancraft MMR Regulator
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Mancraft MMR Regulator


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The latest 2022 user manual is available here: USER MANUAL

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MMR- Mancraft Micro Regulator.  Ultra compact regulator, upgraded, smaller version of the HRR with even better refresh rate.


  • Modular design, with main body dimensions at 25 x 56mm
  • Oversized 4,5mm piston bore for extremely high flow and refresh rate
  • Adjustable output pressure from 60psi to 250psi (60 up to 120psi at soft spring, 120-250 at hard spring (included in set))
  • zip-tie tournament lock without the need for additional parts
  • Simplistic design requires only 3 o-rings promoting both reliability and ease of maintenance

It is a device for reducing the pressure of the gas. Pressure can be adjusted in the range of from 0 to about 15bar. Adjustment is done by the screw at the side of the regulator. By unscrewing - the pressure increases.

Entrance of regulator - thread G1/2 "- Standard Paintball HP bottles.

The regulator can be used with ON / OFF and the PIN bottles.

Type of gas: HPA.

Manometer shows output pressure.



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