1.The points collected during the shopping can be exchanged for one of the unique rewards available for selection in the loyalty program panel. To go to the program panel, go to the "my account" section then select the "Loyalty program" tab.

My account, loyalty program at Mancraft online shop


2. In the loyalty program panel you can see information about the number of points collected, available for use and informations about points that are waiting for confirmation during the order fulfillment.

My account, loyalty program dashboard at Mancraft online shop


3. On the botton you see buttons that allow you to go to the award selection section, the section of exchanging points for a discount coupon and the possibility of viewing the history of previously made exchanging points.

My account, loyalty program select at Mancraft online shop


4. Go to the rewards exchange section, here you will be able to choose the prize you like best.

My account, loyalty program prize select at Mancraft online shop


5.Confirm the exchange of the given number of points for a prize.

My account, loyalty program prize confirmation at Mancraft online shop


6. The selected prize will be automatically added to the current cart. We do not ship prizes separately and can only be redeemed when purchasing other products. If you want to cancel a selected prize, simply remove it from the basket.

My account, loyalty program prize set in shoping basketat Mancraft online shop


7. By going to the "exchange history" section, you can check the previous and current selected rewards in the loyalty program panel. 

My account, loyalty program exchange history at Mancraft online shop


8. Here you can also cancel your chosen reward and redeem it back for points, this exchange is completely free.

My account, loyalty program exchange history list at Mancraft online shop


Thank you for interest in our loyalty program, we'll make every effort to gradually expand the offer of prizes available here. Regards. Mancraft Team.