1. Mancraft Vouchers ("Vouchers") have a value.

2. Vouchers do not have a specific expiry date.

3. Vouchers are one-time use only.

4. Vouchers can be used in the Mancraft online store


5. Vouchers are valid for all products.

6. The voucher may only be used in its entirety. If the value of purchases is lower than the value of the Voucher, the entire value of the Voucher is considered used. If the value of the purchases is higher than the value of the Voucher, the value of the Voucher is deducted from the value of the purchase and the remaining amount remains to be paid.

7. The Voucher Code is placed on the Vouchers, which should be entered in the Cart in the field "Discount code / voucher". The value of the Voucher will be automatically deducted from the order.

8. Voucher codes can be combined with discount codes.

9. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.

10. The service of the online store may refuse to process the order if there are doubts as to the origin or authenticity of the Voucher.

11. By using the Voucher in the ordering process, the user confirms that he has read the Regulations and accepted its provisions.