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Mancraft Michał Smalec
al. Jana Pawła II 13
48-340 Głuchołazy
EU VAT ID: PL7532430874


The Mancraft brand has been a leader in the design and production of specialized equipment for converting Airsoft replicas for over 10 years. Both spring and electric, powered by HPA cylinders or CO2 capsules. In our offer you will find solutions for airsoft replicas of many world-renowned manufacturers.

All our products are the highest quality airsoft equipment. Cut on profesional CNC machines, with the greatest care and precision in every detail. Professionally covered with a damage-resistant, hard anode. As a result, the final product impresses with both its aesthetics, durability and reliability. We manufacture 100% in Poland. We provide a lifetime warranty for most of our solutions *  Our Mancraft specialists from HPA Airsoft solutions are at your disposal. They will answer questions, advise and help you choose the best equipment.

(Lifetime warranty is valid for up to 2 years after the end of production of the equipment)