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As a company from the airsoft industry, we combine work and passion on a daily basis. This allows for continuous development, and taking up professional challenges is doubly pleasant. That's why we like to work with people who share this style and love airsoft as much as we do. We offer our partners both substantive support, which will facilitate the appropriate presentation of the product, as well as full support of our technical service, which knows absolutely all our products from A-Z. We believe that communication in this area is beneficial both for us as a producer and for you as a distributor. Our priority will always be professionalism, credibility and full support at every stage.

1. Rebate thresholds to start

Our rebate program works according to the principle: the more, the less! The larger the order, the more favorable the discount you will receive and you will pay less. Discount thresholds are a mechanism that allows you to set a global discount for distributors and partners who have made orders in the store above a certain amount. It is given at the end of the product ordering process. From the very beginning, you can count on a 30% discount compared to the retail price, the rest depends on your purchasing activity. We present the current rebate thresholds:

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2. Benefits for your business

What do you gain by choosing to cooperate with Mancraft? A certain cooperation on clear terms with a brand appreciated by customers. Access to technological innovations in the industry and the possibility of making them available in our offer.

Do you constantly improve your offerIn the interest of customer satisfaction? By choosing to cooperate with Mancraft, you will expand your assortment with products of another world leader in airsoft. Your business will be entered into our partner database and marked on our worldwide distributor map. You can also count on support in the field of various promotional campaigns undertaken by our marketing department. Working together for mutual success.

Business advantages
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What else is worth knowing about the b2b offer?

Like us, you love airsoft? So share your passion and enthusiasm.
Our B2B offer is addressed to people who like challenges and set goals clearly.For those who already run their own business or are just starting out. Top-quality airsoft equipment, original, fully proprietary HPA / CO2 systems and various accessories are something that will make you stand out on the airsoft market! If you have an airsoft store or want to become a Mancraft distributor, please contact us.

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page. We will review your application and respond to it as soon as possible. We carry out the next steps with each partner in connection with their application.

Necessary information and materials about our products. We guarantee reliable service and the support of our professional engineers, which will help you solve any potential problem with our products. We also provide a full warranty on every product including LIFETIME warranty (on selected products) All our products are professionally packed and ready to be part of Your offer, as soon as You receive your order.

Mancraft Products

Over 10 years of continuous development and uninterrupted presence on the airsoft market, both in Poland and, above all, in the world. A global community of dedicated users and high brand recognition from Mancraft. The constantly growing, own, advanced machine park based on a number of modern CNC machining centers is a guarantee of unparalleled precision in the manufacture of our products. All our products are made 100% in Poland. Our offer includes many proprietary systems for trouble-free conversion of spring and electric replicas to HPA / CO2 drive, HPA hoses, pressure regulators, spare parts for replicas, high-quality body, AEG / HPA gearboxes and many small components. All this is made 100% by hand by our best specialists with the highest quality and attention to detail. Welcome to the world of Mancraft Airsoft.

Mancraft products

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