This is general instruction for basic rifle eg. VSR-10, Well MB01, L96 etc. 


1. Separate upper body of your rifle from the stock.

2. Remove barrel, piston lock, trigger, and pull out a cylinder. Unscrew and remove cylinder head, piston, spring and spring guide from the cylinder.

3. Put empty cylinder back in the upper reciver. Instert conversion kit from the front as photo shows. The hose should go out via place where pistol lock was.

4.  Put the trigger tube on a hose.

5. Pull trigger tube to the back part of the SDiK.

6. Screw cylinder head on.

7. Screw a trigger unit back on, then put the tube lock on a hose.

 8. Pull trigger lock up to trigger unit.

9. Put outer barrell back on, figure out where you want to have hose out of the stock. Leading tube out of stock can require some modifications like drilling/milling etc.