1. Unscrew mounting bolts, pull out trigger guard.

2. Remove the body.

3. Push out spring guide lock.

 4. Remove all components from the cylinder.

 5. Clean cylinder inside. Apply little bit of TechT Gun Sav grease at skids and push SDiK inside, screw in cylinder head.

6. Make sure that spring guide is at place.

 7. Put cylinder into the replica. It can be necessary to press trigger to enter the cylinder. 

 8. Screw the spring guide locking screw.

 9. Degrease the thread. Apply little bit of sealer at the thread.

 10. Screw in gas supply to the replica (8mm wrench). ATTENTION! When screwing in make sure that head of that screw is constantly pressed to the black part! In other case it can damage orings inside. 

11. Lead hose out of the body.


12. IF you have too low FPS output and it seems like conv kit is moving slowly in rifle, try to run it without skids.